Two rookie coaches ran around on the touchline and 카지노사이트 both would feel they were engaged.

in management all their lives after the emotional roller coaster.

While Frank Lampard was seething about Chelsea’s lack of confidence in both ends

Mikel Arteta wondered what the hell to do with Shkodran Mustafi and marveled at Gabriel Martinelli’s fearless look.

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It was that kind of night, and it was equally absorbed and insane

and in the end it was hard to know whether to focus on Chelsea’s embarrassment or Arsenal’s.

For Lampard, the reversal was hard to accept, but easy to explain. Chelsea played more than an hour against 10 men, led twice and still dropped more points at home.

They again backed up calls for attacking the original before the transfer window was closed due to a lack of creativity, and paid for their

carelessness when 18-year-old winger Oncasino.

who had a surprisingly direct style, seized Arsenal with a stunning solo goal just an hour after.

Chelsea’s inaccurate qualification run will be three points behind if fifth-ranked Manchester United

of the Champions League qualifying round beat Burnley at home Wednesday

and contains quantitative details they couldn’t stand after Cesar Azipilicueta regained the lead with six minutes remaining. Lampard’s side was too loose and Kepa Arizabala was seen

helpless as Hefer Bellain, who had cut his left foot, saved Arsenal’s point with a shot beyond Chelsea’s goalkeeper.

Arizabala gave up too many soft goals this season, but Arteta deserved to claim Arsenal had a draw in the second half in a show of defiance.

After Mustafi’s disastrous mistake drew

David Lewis’s red card in 26 minutes, his side stood up for the countdown. Granite Shaka temporarily excelled as a center half-center

while Martinelli played Azpilicueta on the left and lost just one of seven games

Arteta rejoiced at the 바카라사이트 of his new team in the land where they had struggled in the past.

At first, David Luiz was the opposite of his old side. When he scored the Champions League equalizer for Paris Saint-Germain in 2015

the Brazilian didn’t pay homage, and he tried to make himself felt in existence from the start

drawing the ire of Chelsea fans when he rushed to the back of Tammy Abraham and pushed the striker back. A wire was drawn.

Although David Lewis’ dismissal was largely due to Mustafi’s indiscretion, Abraham will burst out with his last laugh. There have been signs of progress under Arteta 온카지노블로그

but the fact remains that the Spaniard has inherited a team with many weaknesses.온카지노

After a promising opening game, Chelsea had only to wait for Arsenal’s most unreliable player to self-destruct.

Abraham tricked Mustafi with a clever turn before filling the team’s late winner at Emirates last month

and this time half of the center was hit when he sold Bernd Leno horribly

short with a surprisingly incompetent back pass. Abraham ran, rounded Leno and followed David Lewis’ desperate runge down.

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